Introduction (2014)

Morphic Resonation allows us to dig deep  inside our own awareness body and to both discover and  fully embody different ‘aspect selves’ (alternate selves, some related to parallel or past lives). This becomes possible both through cultivation of the innate, shape-shifting abilities of the awareness body and also the medium of eye-contact itself. For it is only when we literally feel ourselves not just adopting the face but looking out through the eyes of another self that our ordinary ‘I’ is set aside and can instead fully ‘I-dentify’ with that other self  or ‘I’. What follows is the result of a whole series of lengthy pair meditations which took place successively and over several days many years ago.  

On each successive occasion I attuned or re-attuned myself to the basic mood, feeling tone or ‘wavelength of awareness’ of a newly discovered ‘aspect self’.  Shape-shifting or ‘morphing’ the look in my face and eyes in resonance with this basic mood or feeling tone I came to  look out through the eyes of this self  – in a way amplified by revealing those eyes – and the world they beheld – to the eyes of my meditational partner. Finally, I was able to articulate – in its own words - the language  shaping both the way of seeing, the experienced world and the ‘world view’ of this other self: ‘The World View of the Ungum-Buthu’.  

The Eye of Ogumo

The World view of the

For the light, there is no light. Shafra and Ogum. Light and darkness. The darkness is the source of the light. Its formless substance is the source of the flesh. Ogumo is its lord. As beings we dwell in Ogumo’s darkness. His is the one eye that looks out through all eyes, that sees into the darkness of the night and into the blackness of all creatures’ eyes.

Light is the eye of darkness. The light of the eye is the light of a darkness deep within. Ogumo’s dark realm, Mu-umda, is the darkness of the eye, deep within the blackness of the pupil. All beings dwell and rest in Mu-umda. All beings seek eyes, seek the light of consciousness, Shafra.

Shafarak is the Lord of Light, he with numberless eyes, but he who is also blind to the darkness, lacking the one Eye of Ogumo, and ignorant of the source of light - Mu-umda. Numberless worlds are formed from the substance of darkness, through the light of consciousness. The light of each creature’s eyes creates what it sees, forming dark matter into light.

In the earth’s early beginnings, Ogumo created Targun, the great blind beast of the waters. The body of Targun was the womb of all bodies. Targun was crocodile and bird, cow and tiger, fish and snake, ape and man, all creatures united in one body.

Targun knew no Sun. Only Luma, the dim, milk light of the Moon, on which he fed. Once when he rose to drink of Luma, Shafarak, lord of light, rose over the horizon at the same time. He hurled spears from the sun which dismembered Targun into numberless creatures. Yet each of the creatures still remembers him, and in the darkness of the night they commune together and seek to recreate his spirit body. Targun was blind, bound to the darkness of the ocean’s depths, but he saw into the darkness with the Eye of Ogumo. The creatures too, each have their own eyes, source of myriad worlds. But they also look deep into Muthu - their soul-womb, and see into the darkness within themselves. In this way they know themselves as spirit-beins or Manga.

Hoya is the very stuff of life, the dark spirit-substance of Mu-umda. Manga are the numberless spirit-beings, formless but alive in the Hoya. Manga are the source of numberless Buthu or body-spirits. Manga know that their flesh, even though it glows in the light of the sun, is formed from Hoya. They feed not on flesh alone, but on the Hoya of their prey, imbued as it is with its own body spirits or Buthu. As prey these Buthu becomes part of the bodied spirit of their predators, alive with its Hoya.

Just as day is born from night and returns to night, so are all worlds, all the Manga, Muthu and Buthu of all creatures born from Mu-umda, the world-womb. When Manga meet and join in Mu-umda, togetherness  of their soul wombs of Muthu kindles Hu-ora - the warmth of spirit-fire, glowing in many-coloured hues. Shafarak’s light, and the light of all worlds and all the eyes that create them are all born from incandescences of Hu-ora. The light of sun and stars is the trace of this birth. But the blackness of the night is filled with the invisible glow of Hu-ora in all its hues, just as is the Hoyama, the spirit-body of all creatures.

For the flesh there is no flesh. The flesh knows no flesh. The flesh and its spirit-body or Hoyama knows only Hoya, Manga, Muthu and its numberless body-spirits or Buthu. Manga eternally seek new eyes. As formless spirits they can take numberless forms or enter other bodies and dwell within the flesh as body-spirits. Finding new eyes, Manga shape themselves in new forms, making new spirit-bodies for themselves. Looking at each other, they can see themselves through other eyes, feel themselves into other bodies. With new their eyes they see new forms, forming new and colourful worlds of consciousness from light and darkness.

The creatures each remember Targun. Their untold forms were once united in his body. Only as Manga – formless spirit-beings – do they remember Targun’s creator, Ogumo. Within their soul-womb or Muthu, Ogumo dwells as a shadow-being. This shadow-being is the Orgram. The Mugram, is “he who walks with his shadow” - the human being who reveres his Orgram and, becoming it, can look into the darkness with the one Eye of Ogumo.

The most experienced and fearless Mugram can become an Ungum-buthu -  a ‘master of body spirits’. As Ungum-buthu the Mugram can freely shape his spirit-body or Hoyama, giving it a new form and new eyes. He does this with the magic of his Balamas, the sound-shapes that give form to Hoya. But first the Mugram must descend into his dark soul-womb or Muthu. There he becomes not ‘enlightened’ but ‘endarkened’. Dunga is the ‘trans-descendence’ of the Mugram - his spirit descent into Muthu. Muthu is the birth canal that takes him back into the underworld of Mu-umda, the dark  realm of Ogumo. Having descended in Mu-umda through his Muthu, the Mugram must enters the mystical state of Embogu - surrendering his body to his shadow or Orgram and seeing with the Eye of Ogumo. Then he can move in darkness like an invisible creature of the night, seeing deep within the darkness of human souls. Looking deep into their eyes, he knows them as spirit-beings or Manga. Reading their Moshe - the gleam in their eyes - he can perceive their spirit body, its soul womb or Muthu and the numberless creaturely body-spirits or Buthu within it.

For the light there is no light. Its source is Mu-umda, the dark realm of Ogumo. The light of all beings, including Shafarak, has its source in Mu-umda. But whereas Ogumo’s world is one world and Ogumo’s eye is a single eye of darkness, the eyes and worlds of the creatures, created through the light of their awareness, are numberless and ever-multiplying. New eyes, new bodies and new worlds of light are constantly created by the Manga who dwell in Mu-umda. The one eye and one world of Ogumo and the numberless eyes and worlds of Shafarak are themselves ever one and ever two. Ogumo and Shafarak are two, and yet they are one in the great mind of MU - the awesome, resplendent All, the One-who-is-Many - endless and eternal creator of new worlds, soul-womb of all Manga and Buthu, spirit-father and spirit-mother of Ogumo and Shafarak. 

MU too, constantly seeks new eyes, seeks them through his creatures. It is he that impels them to seek for new eyes too - to see and feel his being in all other spirit-beings, and thus to thus to feel his great Being within them.

The Ungum-Buthu is teacher of the Mugram and healer for the empty ones - the Nabhas. These are people who fear the night, fear the darkness within them – fearing Ogumo instead of revering him. These are people without Targa - the dignity and power of their shadow or Orgram. These are people whose soul-womb is empty and barren, whose body-spirits are trapped in the flesh, who do not know what it means to seek out new eyes and look out through them, who cannot form new bodies with their Hoyama and who cannot see or draw sustenance from Hoya or feel the vitality of Hu-ora.

Unlike the Nabhas, a Mugram can become a wholly embodied spirit-being or Manga - a Haman. A Haman is neither blind like Targun, one-eyed like Ogumo or many-eyed and yet blinded by the light of Shafarak. The whole human being can be both one-eyed and many-eyed, but only by seeing both in darkness and in light. His spirit-body of Hoyama is threefold, consisting of a being of darkness, the Orgram; a being of light, the Shafrag, and a being of wisdom - uniting light and darkness. This is the Moon-being residing in the head of the Mugram. To become a Haman, the Mugram unites his body-spirits in this threefold but now also singular spirit-body or Haman – one that is permeated with Hoya and radiant with Hu-ora.

With his Haman the Mugram can learn to see, not only with the Eye of Ogumo but with seven eyes - the dark eye of Ogumo, the bright eye of Shafarak, and the four eyes of the Moon - full and new, waxing and waning. And yet the Mugram can look out with many eyes as all the creaturely and human body-spirits or Buthu that he has accumulated within his soul-womb or Muthu and its spirit-body or Haman. Able to take on the shape and eyes of any of his Buthu, the Mugram becomes a master of these spirits or Ungum-Buthu. Then, with his Haman or unified spirit-body, the Ungum-Buthu can attain the ultimate - embodying the formless spirit of the Naira.

The Naira are the makers of this world and the messengers of MU for mankind. They are great formless beings, vast constellations of Manga united as one. The Naira have never known bodies or fleshly eyes but they are the source of the sound-shapes or Balamas from which all worlds and all bodies are formed. It is their innermost vision which shapes all that can become visible to the eye. Sun and stars are born from Hu-ora of the Naira in great explosions. It is the Naira who wordlessly transmit the mysteries of MU - the wisdom of the darkness and its manifestation in light, the secrets of the one eye and of the many.

As exalted spirit-beings the Naira entered our world, carved themselves into stone for us, and spoke to us with Tora, the voice that utters the world. They commanded us with Tora, because we knew it as the voice that forms and sounds through all things. We knew that with their Tora, the Naira had sounded our flesh into being, that we were the tongues of their spirit. The eyes of the Naira, carved in stone, gave us new eyes to see into the darkness from whence we came and emanate its light. They gave us ears to listen to the darkness and hear its magic spirit-words. These are the Balamas. Each Balama can give new shape and new eyes to our spirit-body or Hoyama, make manifest our body-spirits or Buthu, heal and make whole our spirit-body or Hoyama, becoming Haman.

We built stone temples to the Naira, and through their wordless teachings, our Mugrams became famous as Ungum-Buthu. With the eyes of birds they spied out the land and found water for us. When our flesh became ill and deprived of Hoya, our spirit weak in Targa; when we became blind like Targun or mad with many eyes like Shafarak, they helped us to descend into our soul-womb, to give birth to the Buthu trapped or lost within us and drink once again of the nourishing moon-milk Luma - just as Targun once did. They taught us to protect ourselves and hunt by sensing spirit beings or Manga in the darkness, to see with the eyes of the many creatures and shape our Hoyama in their form. They taught us to fight as warriors like Shafarak, hurling light spears into the darkness and dismembering or dislocating their Hoyama. They taught us to revere Ogumo, and become one with our Orgram,  to walk with our shadows and enter others with them, joining them in Mu-umda. The Ungum-Buthu are therefore the kings - Kulu - of our tribe, the Barami.

When their flesh of an UNGUM-BUTHU dies, their Haman returns with them to Mu-umda, filled with Hoya, strong in Targa and fully imbued with their formless spirit-being or Manga. In Mu-umda the Buthu of the Ungum-Buthu become Thura. Their body-spirits unite as multiple spirit-bodies, each with their own eyes, yet each part of a united spirit-body or Haman. But even from within this the world the Umgum-Buthu can enter Mu-umda and behold it with the eyes of his many Buthu. It is in Mu-umda that each human being creates new spirit-bodies from their Buthu, imbuing them with a part of their Manga or spirit-being. These new spirit-bodies are Bushos – the spirit-bodies of children to be. Seeded by the Manga of their creator and seeding the spirit-bodies of their earthly fathers, the Balamas and the Buthu of each Busho take on fleshly form within the womb of their mothers. The Bushos sound themselves alive in the very flesh of the foetus, in-forming its flesh with the dreams they still dream in Mu-umda. Each is a spirit-being or Manga, possessed of its own spirit body or Hoyama and body spirits or Buthu. Each is a child of MU, entrusted with the Tora and shaped by the Balamas of the Naira. 


The sound-shapes that give form to Hoya
Spirit-body of a child to be
The Ungum-Buthu are the kings - Kulu - of our tribe, the Barami.
The trans-descendence of the Mugram
A mystical trance-state entered  by the Mugram who surrenders his body to the Orgram and sees with the Eye of Ogumo
A fully embodied human being with a united spirit-body
The formless spirit-substance of the darkness
The spirit-body of the human being
The warmth of spirit-fire, glowing in many hues. Sun and stars are born from Hu-ora
The Ungum-Buthu who are the kings of our tribe, the Barami.
The milk light of the Moon
Formless spirit-beings of the darkness who eternally seek new eyes
The gleam in the eyes of all spirit beings
The awesome, resplendent All, the One-who-is-Many, endless and eternal creator of new worlds, soul-womb of all Manga and Buthu, spirit-parent of Ogumo and Shafarak.
Shaman - “he who walks with his shadow”
The soul-womb of all creatures and birth canal into Mu-umda
Ogumo’s dark realm, Mu-umda, is the darkness of the eye, deep within the blackness of the pupil. The dark world-womb which is the source of all light.
The empty ones who fear the darkness
The makers of the world and the messengers of MU for mankind
Lord of darkness
The dark shadow-spirit of Ogumo within us

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