“I clearly perceived my wife “morph” into a younger brother and warrior comrade in an earlier life.”
“My morphing took me, shaman-like, through a variety of animal forms.”
“I heard a sweet and soundless music at the edge of the spiritual light that bathed me.”
“I experienced hundreds of different selves looking out through my eyes, becoming each in turn.”
“I spoke inwardly in a wordless musical tongue - but knew exactly what I was saying to my partner.”
“I experienced how each inner sound seemed to alter the whole shape and tone of my bodily soul.”
 “I felt as if my whole body had been inwardly massaged and become again a safe home for my soul.”
“I learned that we are not “in” our bodies at all, but in some strange way our bodies are in us.”
 “I recaptured a lost freedom of spirit - the freedom to roam and shift shape at will exploring different inner landscapes and spaces.”
 “Objects in the room where we did the resonation seemed like dumb stage props - so much less real than the metaphysical time and space we had entered.”
“My everyday self and its worldly concerns seemed to have disappeared into the
background, hovering like a thin mirage above the deeper part of my soul that I
was now resonating with.”
“I resonated with an intelligence within me so awesome, that the experience completely transfigured me. I knew after that what my inner being really is - and thus who I really am.”
“I tuned into a gentle, loving aspect of myself that made my whole body feel bathed in warmth, and allowed my soul to breathe in an incredibly soft, slow and smoothly flowing rhythm.”
“I perceive a vast, dark field of what at first seemed like corpses, but I later understood as the deserted, dormant and unhatched spiritual eggs or “cocoons” of the living.”
“I became a shaman called Ungmbutu, and understood this name to mean ‘master of body spirits’. As Ungmbutu I performed inner healing on others several times, and can still embody him, at will, in resonation sittings by invoking his name.”
“I felt illuminated and blessed with grace in the beneficent, healing light radiated by the gaze of my partner, who experienced herself as a Buddha-like being.”
“I saw and knew my partner (female) as a fierce Samurai I had known in the past whose fiery and impulsive temperament was still a force in her soul.”
“I entered other dimensions in which I experienced aspects of my being which I could only describe and visualise as beings on the scale of planets, behind whom lurked yet higher beings of the nature of constellations of pure intelligence.”
“I knew my own innermost being as something like a vast cosmic womb that was a mouth of creation, my soul a vowel issuing from its awesome voice, and my body a type of unutterable solid “consonant” by which it spoke me into physical existence.”
“I felt myself entering a weightless, floating realm in which I entered into communication with a group of ethereal, dancing spirits like will-o’-the-wisps, together called “The Seven”. 
“I entered a dark and nightmarish region of soul, which I visualised as a huge pitch-black, leafless tree trunk rising hundred of meters from a deep wide pit surrounding it - from whose black depths nameless monsters spilled out.”

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