Saturday, February 22, 2014

The three early pieces of writing on this site - The Principle and Practice of Morphic Resonation and The Eye of Ogumo - the Worldview of the Ungum-Buthu and The New Mesmerism make public for the first time important metaphysical understandings and experiences of Peter Wilberg in the long journey of unfoldment of the new form of close-up, face-to-face pair meditation that he has evolved over a lifetime - the history of which he is currently writing in the form of a personal Memoir of Metaphyical Experiences going back to his early childhood. Those familiar with his later writings on 'The New Yoga of Awareness', his books on Tantra and the practice of 'Tantric Pair Meditation' - and his original  understanding of the 'soul body' or 'body of feeling awareness' - will find many seeds of them in these pieces, as well as insights into the deeply shamanistic dimension of Peter Wilberg's work, as expressed in the experience of shape-shifting his own soul body through Morphic Resonation  out of which emerged The Eye of Ogumo.   

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